Project Team

GO collaborative
Lynn Osgood, Sarah Gamble, and Kaziah Haviland. The GO collaborative team is the project creator and serving as the project lead/manager. As a team of urban planners, architects, and researchers their work focuses on the intersections of art, community, and design.   


Public City
Meredith Powell and Sharon Lyle. Public City serves as the curator/creative director and is responsible for the curatorial direction and process, visual identity, communications and project documentation. The team brings years designing, curating, commissioning and producing large-scale place based temporary public art, design and content driven experiences. David Lovas joined Public City as project videographer, media designer and documentarian and Pentagram Austin designed the visual identity. 


Fisterra Studio
Jennifer Chenoweth. Jennifer is serving as the project’s artist liaison and will be the primary contact for the artists as they progress through the day-to-day production of their work. As an Austin based artist herself, Jennifer’s own artistic work explores the issues of meaning, making, and different media.   


City of Austin Economic Development Department Cultural Arts Division
The City of Austin is the project’s public partner and fiscal sponsor. The City has a parallel effort to create Cultural Asset Maps for each district. Janet Seibert is the primary liaison between the project and the City.