Gently Fried: An Exhibition in Three Parts

We want to give a shout-out to Los Outsiders who are the Drawing Lines artists for District 1 for their gallery opening at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Arts Center (ESB-MACC).  Gently Fried: An Exhibition in Three Parts, is an exhibit that take head-on the issues of gentrification and displacement in Austin and shines light on the deeply charged issues of change, identity, and our perceptions of home.

The first part of the show unfolded in the ESB-MACC courtyard on Saturday, April 11th during the Fusebox Festival. Artists both local and national [Claire Ashley (Chicago), Autumn Knight (Houston), Jimmy James Canales (San Antonio), Katelena Hernandez Cowles (Austin), The Color Condition (Dallas), Sarah Hill (Austin)] welcomed visitors with Enthusiastic Greetings (Cowles), danced to a spectrum of color and textures (The Color Condition), and gave witness to issues of identity (Knight) and migration (Canales).  The second part of the show in Sam Coronda Gallery at the ESB-MACC brings together many of these same artists with others, to show a series of work that pulls even further on the questions of how the rapid changes in our City effects both the artistic community and our communities at large.

The third part of the exhibition will be a symposium on May 23rd at ESB-MACC which will gather together artists other voices from Austin’s cultural landscape to talk about the issues that the rapid changes in our city are causing: rises in costs of living, the decline of racial diversity, and the split between artist and artisan in a city known for its cultural production.  Come join in the discussion – if it’s anything like the shows, it’s going to be outstanding.