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Along with his wife and family, Adrian Quesada is a 15-year resident of District Three. Raising his two daughters there, and being from Laredo where there was very little access to art and music growing up, Quesada had a desire to work with the youth of the district to document the energetic creative culture of the area.

"One of the reasons I like raising my kids in Austin is that there are just so many cool opportunities for young kids to get involved in the arts and music. There are things that I didn’t have growing up, like really great teachers, and mentors, and programs for kids of all ages."

As a window into the community of the district, Quesada produced a song with an accompanying video featuring a cross section of students from District 3 schools and the Anthropos Music program. The song also featured established District 3 residing musicians thus helping to bridge the generations and cultures that reflect the change and growth of the district.

"I love the idea of working with different generations because I think as adults we see a lot of the changes in the neighborhood, and the district, but I think for kids, they’re at an age where some issues may be a bit over their heads. I’d like to get them engaged in this idea that they’re part of this community, at large in the City and in the district, and that the city is changing, and that there are concerns. There are great things about the district, and there are bad things about it too. I hope that by talking to them a little bit about it, I might be able to make them aware of some of the things that are happening." 

Because of Quesada's conversations with Council Member Renteria, his work had the opportunity to showcase the different challenges that currently face residents in their quickly changing community.

Special thanks to Anthropos Arts, Eastside Memorial High School, The Impossible Project, Tina Rivera Productions and Jay-Roff Garcia for playing an integral role in making the project possible.


Adrian Quesada is a Grammy Award winning musician and producer born in Laredo, TX. He is best known as a member of the bands Brownout and Spanish Gold, among others. As a musician he has performed with artists as diverse as Prince and GZA (Wu-Tang Clan). He has also produced albums by David Garza, Daniel Johnston, Natalia Clavier and The Sword. Quesada was recently one of twenty artists nominated for the prestigious Rolex Mentor and Artist Initiative where he would have been protege to the legendary Brian Eno. He currently runs Level One Sound, a boutique music studio and production facility in Austin, TX.



Council Member: Sabino Renteria

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Adrian Quesada photo credit Dávid Lovas

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