Like most districts throughout the City of Austin, District 6 is characterized by rapid growth. However, one of the things that makes the district unique is the innovation happening in its many high-tech companies. Some of the companies in this area are developing digital products and services that are changing peoples’ lives even faster than the pace of construction happening around them.

As an artist, Kristofoletti asked how he could change the visual landscape that is often dominated by commercial signage and billboard advertising, while at the same time, finding inspiration in the technological invention happening in the area. 

Working with UT Robotics students he developed is a new system of painting murals that will take two-dimensional printing to an architectural scale, by designing a mural painting robot. This giant printer will paint any image in a color dot matrix. It can temporarily be attached to a wall or building for printing artwork, making a blank facade more interesting, and adding more meaningful images to the urban landscape.



Josef Kristofolotti was born in Nagyvarad, Transylvania. He is based in Austin TX. Josef was an artist in residence at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He is a founding member of the artist Collective Transitantenna. Joseph’s work concentrates on mural paintings that address ideas about nature, technology, space and architecture.

Council Member: Don Zimmerman

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