Project Background

Historically, Austin has had at-large representation on its city council. However, in November 2014 Austin transitioned to a system in which council members represent specific geographic districts. These political changes inspire both hope and concern – hope for broader, more inclusive representation for all Austin residents within city politics, and concern that the new district system will create a balkanized political forum.

The idea for Drawing Lines began to develop nearly two years ago in response to the sheer size and scale of the political shift. The question was asked – what role can art play within these changes? The project concept and team and was developed over the next year and selected from more than 1,200 proposals to be awarded funding by ArtPlace. The project was funded in June 2014.

Today the project works as a public-private partnership with City of Austin Economic Development Department Cultural Arts Division who is taking the lead in creating cultural asset maps for each of the ten council districts.  These maps, along with an archive of the ten district pieces, will come together in a final exhibit in early 2016.